Do you find workouts boring ?

We all know that we need to stay healthy in life and one of the elements of staying healthy is doing some form of exercise. Lot of us like to go for strolls, some do yoga, some go to the gym and most of us don’t do anything. Yes, that’s true! But why??? I think the most common reason is it’s boring!
Boring is a very subjective term and it means “not interesting”. Something which is boring for me might be very interesting to you. To bridge this gap between me and you, there is something needed
which is interesting for all.

Some of the ways I think fitness can be made interesting are:

  1. Do it together – That’s right, doing anything with friends or competing with them makes things interesting.
  2. Reward yourself – Set small achievable goals for yourself and buy something nice when you achieve those.
  3. In front of mirror – Doing any exercise in front of a mirror makes them more interesting and useful.
  4. Play music – Performing any fitness while playing some good music helps to keep pace.
  5. Track your workouts – Tracking your fitness regime in a diary helps make it interesting by knowing how regularly are you doing it and keeps you engaged on a regular basis

Well these are some of the ways to make the workouts more interesting and some of them are
going to be there in the Areno app we are building. We would be happy to hear your thoughts on how do you make fitness workouts interesting.

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