Revolutionize the concept of Fitness with Areno

Let us begin this article with an interesting fact about any traditional consumer centric businesses that has been into existence today. Our brains are wired in such a way that we believe since we are the consumers we should pay for using the services or the product. Rightly so, we should pay for the services rendered for which we are the consumers however why not make that consumer experience more rewarding ? Ten years back nobody threw a dime for it however now we have products like Cred, Zomato, Zepto and many more that rewards the consumer behavior.

Now let’s revolutionize another such traditional consumer business of fitness and workouts services. Usually we take expensive memberships at gym, pay personal trainer a hefty fee or even virtual trainers these days. No doubt fitness is of prime importance and “Survival of the Fittest” seem to be much more relevant now. Having said that, ever wondered, since you are doing all the hard work and heavy lifting, why are you not getting rewarded for it ?

At Areno, we are introducing a system where you can earn cash rewards by performing these workouts. Areno is an AI powered arena for streak building and challenges where we can earn cash or equivalent cash / charity vouchers by performing workouts regularly or by participating in the fitness workout competitions which is much more rewarding. Built in artificial intelligence will monitor and measure the performed fitness workout using your mobile device. No need for expensive wearable devices to monitor the activity.

In doing so, we are not changing the workout habits, which means continue to do workouts as you are doing till now. That’s an important habit that you should keep. Remember, We are only rewarding the consumer behavior.

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